About Us

Welcome to G-pprentice. We are a newly founded company and application, specializing in video game coaching. Our passion is to spread our love of gaming through teaching. Our goal is to have you playing your favorite video game at the level you desire.

We realize that everybody has different priorities when it comes to gaming. Want to be able to show up your friends? Want to keep up with your child and connect with them through gaming? Want to be the next famous streamer? Have dreams of becoming a world class professional gamer? There are many tiers of coaching levels that we offer.

We also coach for all games and all gaming platforms. No matter what you want to get better at, we will find a coach for it. Just choose your platform, what tier you’d like to be placed in, and we will recommend a list of coaches perfect for you. Greatness through mastery, mastery through training. Game on!


Let Us Help You Become a Fortnite Pro!


How it works


We teach for all games and all platforms. Once you tell us what you want to play and what your goal is, our app will match you with the best coach for your needs.


Download our app and get matched with a coach in a matter of seconds. Just pick your platform, the game you want to play, and what tier you want to be coached at. We will pull up a list of coaches ready to take your game to the level you desire!

We Coach For All Games And All Gaming Platforms

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*Game and platform availability based on current and pending coaches